Sidekick Penguin

Want to go extra small but still sound fat?
The “Sidekick Penguin” uses one drum, the “kicktom” for both bass and floor tom. Everything mounts on a single tripod with a sidekick pedal built right in. You can easily adjust the hardware to play standing or sitting. Plus, it’s a nesting kit! The snare and high tom pack inside the “kick-tom”… More than a practice kit, the “Sidekick Penguin” makes the drummer’s life easier at home, at the gig, and in the Morris Minor in between.

  • 14 x 15 “kicktom”™
  • 5 x 12 snare
  • 7 x 10 tom
  • Quickstand Tripod™ with integrated Sidekick pedal and mounting hardware for drums and two cymbals
  • Blankets for nested drums
  • Padded gig bag for drums
  • Choice of color

With all metal hoops $2172.00
With all wood hoops $2348.00